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Links to Clan Donald Sites & Related Web Sites  

You can link directly to the site by clicking on the web address.

Armadale http://www.clandonald.com/ Official web site of the Clan Donald Lands Trust, The Museum of the Isles and Armadale Gardens.  Many thanks to John McDonald for Highland Connection's support of the Clan Donald Lands Trust and the Armadale Video.

Finlaggan Trust http://www.finlaggan.com/ Official web site of the Finlaggan Trust initiated to promote preservation & archealogical research of the area that was home to the Lordship of the Isles.

Aileach the Lord of the Isles Galley Trust www.galley.freeuk.com  AileachOfficial website of the replica Highland galley Aileach.

Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh www.clandonald.info/edinburgh.html News and membership information for the original Clan Donald Society.

Clan Donald, UK http://www.clandonald.info/ News and information for Clan Donald in the United Kingdom.

Clan Donald, USA http://www.clan-donald-usa.org/ CDUSA official web site with leadership information, links to Regional web sites, mail order Clan Donald items available, Clan News for the USA and International news including the Worldwide Clan Gathering.

Clan Donald High Council of Chiefs http://www.highcouncilofclandonald.org/ Official web site of the international governing council of Clan Donald.  Sponsors the annual Worldwide Clan Gathering.

Clan Donald Genealogy www.clandonald.com/index.php/page/library Archived records of Clan Donald at Armadale.

Genealogical Archives on the Internet http://www.familysearch.org/ Records available on the Internet from the largest archives of genealogical research in the world.

Ancestors.com  www.ancestors.com Another valuable genealogical resource.

Clan Donald Canada http://www.clandonaldcanada.ca/?ref=www3/News and membership information for Clan Donald, Canada.

Clan Donald, Australia http://www.clandonaldaustralia.com/home News and membership information for Clan Donald, Australia.

Clan Donald, New Zealand http://sites.google.com/site/clandonaldotago// News and membership information for Clan Donald, New Zealand.

Odom Library's "The Family Tree" is online with Electric Scotland www.electricscotland.com A fun magazine of things Scottish, focusing on genealogy and clan organizations.  The editor, Beth Gay is a past national officer of Clan Donald, USA and established Odom Library as the Clan Donald, USA genealogical archive.

Names associated with Clan Donald www.highlandconnection.org/clandonaldnames.html List of family names associated with Clan Donald and the Lords of the Isles.

Clan Donald names in Ireland www.goireland.com/genealogy/scripts/Family Great source of history and locations of Clan Donald in Ireland.

Scottish Surnames  www.clanmacrae.org Interesting article on Scottish surnames.

MacDonald chat line www.MacDonald.com Another chat line for Clan Donald interests.

Donald Macdonald's Gaelic web site www3.sympatico.ca/donaldmacdonald/index.htm A great web site to help with Gaelic pronunciations (make sure you have the "3" after the www to access this web site).

 Google Books on line http://books.google.com/books?as_q=Clan+Donald&num A listing of books available online.  Some are public domain and full copies are available as a public service.  Others give you a few pages and where you may purchase the online book.  Many original documents previously only available to a select few are noe open to public view. 10

English/Gaelic Dictionaries on line www.lexilogos.com/english/gaelic_scottish_dictionary.htm  An excellent compilation of four Gaelic dictionaries on line and searchable.

Ancient Celtic manuscripts  http://www.ucc.ie/celt?  The archives of several libraries of Ancient Celtic documents compiled ans indexed to be searchable on line.

Peter MacDonald Tartan Design & Consultancy www.scottishtartans.co.uk A weaver and authority on the history of tartan.

Reliquiae Celticae  www.archive.org/details/reliquiaecelticae02came  Canadian Internet Archive containing the Rev. Alexander Cameron LL.D. 1892 studies in Gaelic literature & philology containing the Black & Red Books of Clanranald used as a primary resource for the traditional history of Clan Donald.

The Scottish Tartans Museum www.scottishtartans.org/index.html  A beautiful museum and gift shop dedicated to the history of tartan & the kilt located in North Carolina.

Tartan Fabric from The Scottish Weaver www.thescottishweaver.com Geat source for tartan fabric.

Canadian importer of tartan fabric  www.tartantown.com Two Scottish weaving sources available through the Canadian importer.

Tartans http://www.tartans.scotland.net Good source on various tartans and clans.

House of Tartans www.house-of-tartan.scotland.net Excellent source dress MacDonaldfor detailed tartans information.

Scotweb Source for Tartan Fabric  http://www.scotweb.co.uk/tartan Another excellent source for tartan fabric.

Clan Campbell Society of North America website www.ccsna.org An excellent web site of another proud Scottish clan. NOTE: the absence of anything anti-Clan Donald on this award winning web site. 

Highland Games of North America  www.maclachlans.org/games.html A complete listing of Highland Games & Festivals in North America.

The Celtic Dragon Press www.celticdragonpress.com The Art of Kiltmaking manual available at this site.

Ulster Scots Society of America www.ulsterscotssociety.com Society of Scots whose ancestors migrated to Ireland and then North America.