Clan Donald Heritage, Inc.® is a registered (US) non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded 1/18/2000 with representing its views and goals through the Internet.  The purpose of this website is to provide information about Clan Donald traditional history in a multi-media format to as many interested persons as possible.  Obviously the best format to reach people all over the world is through the Internet.  The process of legally registering as a non-profit corporation, copyrighting, registering our trademark,  and giving copyright notice are all steps necessary to protect the integrity of our intellectual property.  We have never sold our work product or memberships, and do not intend to.  Projects such as the Armadale video© and the Kiltmaking Workshops were provided as a service at our cost.

Many have emailed requesting permission to use material from® and each request has been granted on condition they identify® as the source of the information. We have refrained from using web tools that prevent copying because we want readers to be able to share what they find interesting.  We choose to believe that most people will honestly identify where they obtained the information (preferably with a link).  Our intent is to provide interested persons access to the original, ancient Gaelic documents through online links.  If citing one of those ancient, source documents please credit your source as that document rather than If citing the commentary provided about the documents then please link to the page cited.   Commentary is meant to encourage reconsideration of our traditional Clan Donald history and genealogy at a time when many historians rationalize rewriting or “revising” our traditional Celtic heritage.

Everything found on Clan Donald Heritage, Inc. ® is either original  material  (intellectual property) of Clan Donald Heritage, Inc.® or it is clearly labeled and linked to its original source.  The primary source is Donald J. Macdonald’s history Clan Donald now available in a second printing.   This notice is provided in lieu of encumbering the entire website with ®Registered Trademarks  and ©Copyright insignias.  Google Analytics® indicates thousands of new visitors from all over the world discover this website for the first time every month.

Cuimhnich co’ leis a tha thu! (Remember those from whence you have come)

Larry C. McDonald,CFECFS

President, Clan Donald Heritage, Inc.® ®

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